Copywriting for purpose driven brands

Copywriting for purpose driven brands


For websites, email marketing and blogging

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“Olly is a really excellent addition to our design and digital team. She has been working freelance with 93ft for over two years and we have found the copywriting services to be an invaluable addition to the design studio, our clients and the projects. Olly brings a level of cool, calm, confidence to each project sharing professional insights and expertise from a copywriting perspective. It’s an essential part of any website, digital campaign and marketing. I really value are Olly’s commitment to the job, working to deadlines and the diligence brought to every project. Thank you – and long may it continue!”

Nick Clark, Founder and Creative Partner, 93ft

You need great copywriting that turns the idle browser into your loyal customer

An amazing product or service is just the beginning – you need compelling copy to connect with your target audience and build trust in your brand

“Olly consistently produces excellent copy (in fact, she’s written the best copy we’ve ever had!). Her attention to detail is impeccable. She’s brilliant at gauging Tone of Voice and speaking to our core customers. We couldn’t be happier.”

Fin Armour-Brown, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Emily and Fin

Ready to get super clear in your messaging?

Copywriting is about more than just words

Copywriting is about choosing the exact words that your target market needs to see – The words to let them know their problems are over (and that you’re the solution)

Copywriting is about the words that invoke trust and inspire action

It’s about creating a strong and consistent brand voice your audience knows, likes and trusts

Words have power – Choose them wisely

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“Having experienced Olly’s considered, thoughtful and organised approach to copywriting, I would not hesitate to use her again. I loved that she spent so much time getting to understand me and my business, before starting on anything.”

Anna Hart, Founder, Anna Hart Exceptional Homes

You are:

A business owner who’s passionate about what you do

A purpose driven brand who’s making a difference

Busy running your business and ready to outsource the bits you don’t have time for

Serious about making marketing work for you and your business

Ready to grow your brand

I will:

Craft copy that makes your business stand out

Write well researched, relevant blogs that help your clients

Create content that positions you as the expert in your field

Help you find your voice and tell your story

Boost your brand awareness and build trust with your audience

“Working with Olly and briefing her was super easy. I loved that her communication style was easy and professional and I loved that she doesn’t need to be managed.”

Cora Geroux, Founder and Business Coach


“Olly provided us with a content review and strategy, and a series of blogs during an early stage of developing our brand and associated offer. She made this exceptionally easy by being a delight to work with; incredibly human but also utterly professional. We trusted her to communicate our thinking to a range of audiences and it transformed how we were presenting our content to the world. We won’t hesitate to use her again next time we need specialist copywriting.”

Sheri-Leigh Miles, Co-Founder, Go4Growth

My CLients

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What my clients say

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Olly’s copy is beautifully written

Lauren Gage
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Olly is an awesome copywriter

S. Lee Price
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Working with Olly got great results

Charlotte Williams

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