What Does a Copywriter Do?

what does a copywriter do nottingham

Well, they write copy, of course.

But what IS copy?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Firstly, copywriting is not the same as copyright. Copyright is a form of intellectual property. It: “protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission.” It’s sometimes denoted by the symbol © but even without this symbol, a person can’t, for example, copy and paste this post and pass it off as their own. So, copywriting can be subject to copyright.


What does a copywriter do? Firstly, copywriting is not the same as copyright

Copy, really, just means words

Or specifically, words associated with a business/charity/organisation. The words on a billboard, the words spoken by an actor in a TV ad, the words on a website, social media post or email newsletter – it’s all copy. And it all needs to be written.

Enter the copywriter. (That’s me)

I use my wordy talents to craft copy that gets your message to your target client. I tell your story, but I don’t stop there. I create powerful calls to action – that punchy prompt that your potential new client just can’t resist.

Web Copy

Whenever you click onto a company’s website every word you see is written by a copywriter. They’re responsible for keeping you on that site, reading more, clicking through to other pages and, ultimately signing up/buying/booking or whatever the relevant call to action is.

Web copy is like a high street shop window. If it’s dull and dirty, with a tired old display that clearly hasn’t been updated in the last decade, you’ll probably walk past to one that’s shinier and more visually alluring. It’s the same with a website. If it’s rife with spelling and grammar mistakes, so wordy you’d need to block out a couple of hours to wade through it, or so sparse you’re not even totally sure what the company does – well. You’re not going to hang around.

Sales Copy

People sometimes feel a bit icky about sales copy. They have visions of used car salespeople or worry it’ll be a cheese fest.

Great sales copy persuades. It excites. It reaches out to your target client and lets them know you understands them. It speaks their language. Great sales copy takes your target client on a journey which ends at a natural conclusion – that compelling call to action that can’t be resisted.

And not a camembert in sight.

Direct Marketing

Email, snail mails, newsletters, social media – all ways you can connect with individuals directly. Whether you’re offering a specific promotion, or providing value through interesting and entertaining blogs, it’s crucial to stay connected to your audience, especially the ones who’ve signed up to receive your content.

If the only time people hear from you is when you have something you want them to buy the relationship can start to feel a bit grabby. Keep the conversation going by giving them more.


If you’re not blogging for your business already you need to start right now. Literally now.

Go on, I’ll wait.

Blogging is The Best way of letting your target client know that you know what you’re talking about. In a world where every town has a plethora of yoga teachers/HR consultants/garden designers/pet hamster trainers, why should they choose you?

Because your blog shows you’re the expert. You’re the one to go to on the subject of pet hamster training, and you’ve proven this time and again with your regular blog posts that give them exactly what they need.

Blogging is a commitment though. A blog that’s updated infrequently, irregularly, or where the last post was 3 years ago is almost worse than no blog at all.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Copywriting, despite what some copywriters would like to think, is not separate from SEO.

SEO and copywriting (should) go hand in hand like jelly and ice cream, like French and Saunders, like… you get it.

There’s more to SEO than copywriting but copy plays a huge part in how the search engines rank your page; if the page isn’t relevant, helpful and readable (keyword stuffing just doesn’t cut it anymore) for humans, Google won’t like it either.

A great copywriter will:

  • Create copy that gets you noticed
  • Write a website that banishes bounce rates
  • Craft sales copy that gets customers breaking your door down
  • Do direct mail with a difference
  • Blog beautifully (regularly, in an entertaining, well informed and search engine optimised way)

To kickstart your direct mail campaign, polish your web copy, blog with authority or deliver stunningly non-cheesy sales copy that converts left, right and centre, just…

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