How much does a Copywriter Cost?

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How much do copywriters charge in the UK?

You know you need a copywriter – but you have no idea how much to budget…

You’re on board with outsourcing in theory – but as a small business, those numbers really matter.

Maybe you’ve checked out a few copywriters’ sites and realised the question of fees seems to be a closely guarded industry secret?

Freelance copywriter rates

Unlike some services, there are no set fees in the copywriting industry and individual copywriters’ fees vary based on a number of factors. The majority of copywriters do not state their fees on their websites, meaning it can be difficult to get a feel for whether this is within your budget or not.

Having said that, it’s definitely possible to get a good ballpark figure for what your project might cost, and that’s what I aim to answer for you in this post.

What does it cost to hire a copywriter?

Freelance copywriter rates will be based on several factors:

  • Experience
  • Speciality/niche
  • Location
  • The size/scope/complexity/value of the project
  • The timescale
  • Their workload
  • The client

Experience – As you’d expect, a highly experienced copywriter who’s been in the business for 15 years will be more expensive than a junior copywriter who’s only just started.

Speciality/niche – Not all copywriters have a niche, but you can usually expect to pay more for one who specialises in writing about law or medicine, for example, than someone who’s more general.

Location – Northern copywriters may charge less than their sisters Down South.

The size/scope/complexity/value of the project – It stands to reason that a single Facebook post would cost less than a 5 page website, however the copywriter will also consider the value the project will bring to the organisation.

Timescale – Many copywriters will charge a “rush fee” for projects needed in a hurry; this is usually a percentage of the total cost.

Workload – If a copywriter is particularly in demand, or has a waiting list, they’ll charge more.

The client – Many copywriters (including me!) will charge a lower fee for e.g. charities. If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation, please get in touch to see how I can help.

How do Copywriters Charge?

Copywriters may charge:

  • Per project – 74% of copywriters in the UK, including me, charge per project. This is the preferred pricing model of ProCopywriters, the UK association of professional copywriters.
  • Per day – It can sometimes make more sense to charge a day rate. ProCopywriters’ 2020 survey of 640 copywriters found that an average day rate was £379, however for a highly experienced copywriter you could spend between £800 – £2000+ per day
  • Per hour – And sometimes an hourly rate is appropriate. Some of my retainer clients pay for a set number of hours so that they can send me bits and bobs as and when they need them, and it all just goes on the clock! Based on an 8 hour day and the average day rate above, an average hourly rate for copywriters in the UK would be around £47
  • Per word – This is rare in the UK, although copywriters in the US seem to commonly charge per word. I never charge this way for the simple reason that it often takes much more time, effort, skill and creativity to write a 3 word tagline than a 3000 word blog post!

Like many things, especially when it comes to your business, buying cheap often means buying twice.

It makes much more sense to go with the more expensive copywriter whose work you love, who asks the right questions, who seems genuinely interested, who you get a good vibe from and know you’ll enjoy working with – than the cheaper one who you’re just not sure about.

How do i charge for my copywriting?

I charge a fixed fee for your project, tailored specifically to you. This means that no matter what happens throughout your project, the fee is exactly what you’ve signed up for – no nasty surprises at the end!

This give you total control over both your project and your budget

Less expensive than you were anticipating? Add some extras in, let me look at your SEO or add some social media or blog posts to your website project.

Not sure you can afford me right now? Let’s talk about reducing the scope, or spreading the project over a longer timescale.

Whatever project you have in mind, I want to hear about it! Fill out the form below, or give me a call on 07942023334 and let’s talk

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