Do I need a Copywriter? 11 signs you Definitely do

hands at laptop with coffee mug over laid with text 11 signs you need a copywriter

There comes a point in any business where outsourcing just makes sense. When that happens will be different for every business – some make it a priority from right from the start, whereas folks with a DIY attitude might prefer to wait.

But one day, sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself asking “Do I need to hire a copywriter?”

Here’s 11 signs that mean that day has come:

1. You hate writing

This is a no-brainer. If you’re the kind of person who loves to DO, not to write about doing, then outsourcing the writing to one of those odd types who genuinely loves it, makes a lot of sense.

If the thought of sitting in front of a screen labouriously churning out blog posts, writing weekly email newsletters, or worse – writing an entire website – brings you out in hives, don’t worry.

I’ve got this.

2. You love writing – but copy is different

I work with a lot of creatives. Many of my clients adore writing but understand that copy is a whole ‘nother ball game.

If writing that sounds great is easy for you – but writing copy that performs well and gets the results you need (increased traffic, a search engine optimised site, to drive sales) is a skill that you just don’t have?

It’s time to hire a copywriter.

3. You don’t have the time

Regardless of your feelings about writing copy, you’re at the stage where you just don’t have the time.

You know that consistency and regular, fresh content is crucial but your To Do list is already as long as your arm and you can’t remember the last time you felt you were truly on top of things.

If the thought of sitting down to blog or write social media posts on a regular basis – or your website has needed a refresh for an embarrassingly long time and the idea that you’ll get round to it any time this year – is laughable, free up some of your precious time and hire a copywriter.

4. You want more leads

Whether you’re just starting up, making plans for growth, or business is a little slow, you need more leads. When 47% of buyers view three to five pieces of content before beginning the sales process, you can see why they say content is king.

And when content marketing gets three times more leads than paid ads? It’s good for your finances all round.

Copywriters produce compelling and persuasive content that grabs the attention of your target clients, keeps them coming back for more and optimises your chances of increasing sales.

Image of coffee mug on paper that says if content is kind, consistency is queen, blogging and seo

5. You’re attracting the wrong clients

If you don’t know who you’re speaking to you won’t be able to write the copy that attracts your ideal clients. It’s as simple as that.

Maybe you’re not super clear on who your target market is, or maybe you’re not sure how to write the copy that really speaks to them, gets to the heart of their needs, wants, dreams and fears – basically, the stuff that lets them know you’re the one they’ve been searching for.

Hiring a copywriter who can help you pinpoint your target client – then write the copy that makes their heart sing – means you’ll start attracting the clients you’ve been dreaming of.

6. You want to build trust

65% of people feel an emotional connection with brands – it’s not just about buying a product or service that will do the job – your customers want to connect.

A copywriter who can consistently write relevant, well researched, value adding copy and content helps you build that relationship, and maintain trust with your audience.

7. You want to increase your online presence

When it comes to getting found among the noise of the internet, a strong, consistent and optimised presence is essential.

You know that blogging and content marketing is the way to go – maybe you’re watching, awestruck, as your competitors churn out blog post after blog post.

Well, here’s the secret: they’re not going it alone! They’re using a copywriter, and it’s time you did too.

Hiring a copywriter who can develop a focused content strategy and write copy that provides answers will boost your search engine rankings, helping your target market find you.

8. You want to be seen as the expert you are

Expertise. Authority. Trust.

The three elements that mean your target client feels great about choosing you over your competitors.

E-A-T is also one of the aspects Google uses in deciding where you should rank.

Strong copy and valuable content positions you as the expert in your field, giving you the air of authority your customers need to trust you’re the right choice.

9. You need to create a strong brand voice

Creating and maintaining a strong and consistent tone of voice that your customers instantly recognise as you creates trust and builds your brand awareness – both vital elements in your marketing.

If you’re struggling with tone of voice, it’s time to hire a copywriter who can nail yours.

10. You’re serious about growing your business

You have goals – in life and in business.

You have dreams, sure, but they’re backed up with plans – and you’re serious about achieving them.

You know that no business is an island – no-one gets to the top by themselves. Sooner or later? You need support.

Growing your business means investing in the right support from the right professionals. Which brings us to the final point…

11. You know the value  a professional brings

You probably wouldn’t take your product photography on your smartphone, design your own logo or write your own legal documents.

Sure, you could – technology is getting better all the time and there’s tonnes of resources on the internet to help – but you know that a professional is worth the cost.

It’s not just that they’ll do a better job – they’ll nail the details you’d never even thought of, they’ll take care of all the admin, they know the tricks of the trade, they keep up to date with the latest trends and relevant changes, and they’ll see the project from angles you might have missed.

You’re not just hiring someone to take a photo – you’re investing in showing your business at its very best, in a light that appeals to your ideal customer.

Similarly, you’re not just hiring someone to write words for a blog or landing page.

You’re not even just buying search engine optimisation, keyword research, content strategy, idea generation, an irresistible call to action, strong brand tone of voice and sharp, concise copy that attracts the right leads.

You’re investing in a professional who’s studied their craft, who’s made it their business – literally – to create copy that gets the results you need.

Ready to hire a copywriter? Just…


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