How it Works

Hiring a Copywriter

I want you to be totally happy with the copywriting service you receive from me, so I have a robust process that works for us both

Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

  • The Discovery – When you first get in touch about your project we’ll arrange your free 30 minute discovery call. We’ll chat about your business, your goals and how hiring me as your copywriter can help you reach them

  • The Proposal – After our discovery call I’ll write a proposal that’ll knock your socks off. It’ll detail and all the exciting ways we can delve into your project together

  • The Brief – Next we’ll book in our briefing call. This is a deep dive into your business, your product or service and your project. It’s sometimes hard to see all the wonderful and unique points of your own business or product because you’re so close to it. That’s where my perspective comes in – I’ll ask the questions that get to the gold

  • The Research – Over to me. I’ll head off to do the research that means your copy gets right to the heart and soul of your business. Even if you’re in an industry I know really well, I still spend a lot of time on this part. I look into your competitors and trends in the market. I’ll do keyword research to help your SEO and I’ll look at your project from all the angles to make sure it speaks directly to your dream clients

  • The First Draft – I’ll put together the initial draft of your project for you to review. You’ll check for facts, Tone of Voice, and overall satisfaction. You might be so happy at this point that the project is complete, however you may find you’d like…

  • The Revisions – Revisions are a normal part of the process, so I include two rounds free. If you’d like anything to be changed just let me know. This is your copy for your business so it’s vital that you’re 100% happy

  • The Sign Off – Once I’ve delivered the final draft – including any revisions you’ve asked for – and you’re totally satisfied, we’re finished! I transfer copyright to you and we raise our mugs to a job well done

Olly quickly grasped what I was looking for, and delivered a great end product. The process was very straightforward and I felt comfortable to give feedback, even though I didn’t need any amendments.

— James Kellett, Owner, Canvas and Coffee
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To book your discovery call and get started on your project, just fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you