Canvas & Coffee

The Client

James Kellett, founder of thriving local coffee and waffle house, Canvas & Coffee and his wife, artist Alice Kellett, found themselves at a bit of a loose end during Lockdown March 2020, so they decided to bring a long time dream to reality and collaborated on a children’s picture book.

The Brief

James juggled writing the rhyming text of “Dub! A Campervan Adventure” with caring for their small children, and delivering coffee care packages to Beeston locals.

Meanwhile Alice worked on the illustrations (Oh, and giving birth to their youngest child – beats mastering banana bread…)

Alice and James asked me to write the press release announcing their work.

The Process

After taking a brief from James, including several quotes from him and Alice, I put together a press release based on the standard format.

I gave James and Alice tips on sending their press release to their chosen publications to ensure maximum engagement.

Lily quickly grasped what I was looking for, and delivered a great end product.

I love that you asked us for some quotes to put into the final press release, and explained why it would be useful. I also loved that you gave some helpful advice on the best way to send a press release.

James Kellet, Founder, Canvas and Coffee

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