Chester Cycle Tours

The Client

Chester Cycle Tours is a sustainable tourism company founded by Karen Barker, a National Standards Cycling Instructor who wanted to share her love of her city with the world.

The Brief

Karen approached me for suggestions to improve her SEO and the layout of her self-built website.

The Process

I began as I always do, with a thorough brief to get to know Karen, her company and how they operate. Then I started on the SEO audit of her site, producing a comprehensive report detailing issues and how to fix them.

Karen has a DIY attitude so wanted to know exactly what I was doing and why. I wrote her report in plain English, accompanied by videos walking her through it step by step.

I restructured her copy to make it more valuable for both humans and the search engines, and gave advice on using social proof throughout the site.

Lily is a thorough and creative copywriter. I approached LK Copywriting to help improve my company’s Google ranking and website layout, and I was so glad that I did.  LK Copywriting were so easy to work with and their copy was brilliant, creating genuinely imaginative copy, and enabling me to see my content as my customer might which was really enlightening.
Lily is very switched-on, and immediately grasped what I was trying to achieve and how I might significantly improve my search results.  She was extremely thorough and gave me a comprehensive report in an easy-to-follow format, backed up with instructive videos and links combined with friendly voice calls.
Loved the technical explanations around how websites are searched and ranked.  The H1-H6 tutorial was something I just didn’t know.  Also loved the re-writes of my content into a friendly format
Overall, I’m really impressed.  Your creativity shines through in all you do.

Karen Barker, Founder, Chester Cycle Tours

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