Emily and Fin

The Client

Emily and Fin is an independent womenswear brand co-founded by Emily Whittle and Ffion Armour-Brown.

Based in London, they grew organically from humble beginnings on a Portobello Market stall to a worldwide brand with an incredibly loyal fan base.

I’ve worked with Emily and Fin for several years now, creating product descriptions, look book blurbs, website copy, social media content, newsletters and blogs.

The Brief

Emily and Fin value their core customer base extremely highly, and Tone of Voice is crucial in upholding the brand across all their platforms. Emily and Fin request product description copy that speaks to their core customer directly, inspiring a sense fun, creativity and playfulness.

They also needed to tell their story – the story of Emily and of Fin, their friendship and how they came to be running a successful international business together, after starting out selling handmade dresses on a market stall.

The Process

The process of writing the product description copy doesn’t differ much from season to season. I familiarise myself with the products – this can be 100+ individual items, spanning a range of fabrics and silhouettes – until I know the pieces better than I know the contents of my own wardrobe. The descriptions are written using line sheets and model shots, so I’m clear on every detail, and the brief I take from the client, to reflect their vision for the collection.

Writing Emily and Fin’s About Us page was a more intimate process. I interviewed both Emily and Fin, and spoke with their office manager, asking 1001 questions to find out every last detail of their journey – individually, and as a pair – to where they are today.

I learned about their creative process from inspiration to production, and about their values as a real living wage employer and an ethical, slow fashion brand.

Lily has worked on a number of projects for us over the past few years, including blog posts, product descriptions, web copy and social media content. She consistently produces excellent copy (in fact, she’s written the best copy we’ve ever had!) and works incredibly quickly. 

On occasions we’ve dropped a last minute project with a very tight deadline in her lap and she has never let us down. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she always manages to improve on what we already have. She’s brilliant at gauging Tone of Voice and speaking to our core customers. 

We couldn’t be happier with Lily and her work and recommend her absolutely.

Ffion Armour-Brown, Creative Director, Emily And Fin 

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