Copy Coaching

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Love writing but feeling uninspired?

Are you struggling to get the leads, clients and sales you need?

copywriting coaching

Book my Copy Power Up package – two hours of focused copywriting coaching to turn your existing copy into pure gold

Your first hour: We talk about your goals – and your reality

I help you identify your target client so you know exactly how to write to them

I share my techniques and processes to help you write compelling, engaging copy

I provide templates and checklists you can use again and again

Your second hour: One week later – when you’ve had time to put your new skills into action

We’ll review what you’ve done, what you loved, what clicked – and what you found tricky

I’ll help you realise your strengths and big up your business like it deserves

We’ll build a content strategy that works for you

Sound good?

If you’re ready to polish up that copy, get it working hard and see the kind of results you need, just…