I’ve worked with some fantastic brands on projects from website copy to blogs, email marketing to content strategy

Here’s what they say about working with me…

Lily has worked on a number of projects for us over the past few years, including blog posts, email marketing, product descriptions, web copy and social media content. She consistently produces excellent copy (in fact, she’s written the best copy we’ve ever had!) and works incredibly quickly. 

On occasions we’ve dropped a last minute project with a very tight deadline in her lap and she has never let us down. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she always manages to improve on what we already have. She’s brilliant at gauging Tone of Voice and speaking to our core customers. 

We couldn’t be happier with Lily and her work and recommend her absolutely.

Fin Armour-Brown, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Emily and Fin

Lily worked with Pulse on a major project to rewrite our website, as well delivering regular blog posts. Her work is fantastic, she completely understands what we want to achieve and the copy she produces is concise, well crafted and beautifully written.

I was concerned about Tone of Voice as we’re quite different from some of her other clients but I didn’t need to be – Lily rose to the challenge and got it spot on.

She always delivers ahead of deadlines and is a pleasure to work with. 

Lauren Gage, Senior Marketing Manager, Pulse Recruitment

Lily is a confident, professional and reliable copywriter.

Working with Lily and briefing her was super easy. She understood what I meant without too much back and forth and the videos explaining the project really helped too!

I loved that her communication style was easy and professional and I loved that she doesn’t need to be managed.

Cora Geroux, Founder and Business Coach
Anna Hart web copywriting client white woman with long red hair smiles at camera

Lily was recommended by a friend – I was impressed by how put-together and cohesive my friend’s website was, and how my friend’s character still shone through. I knew I needed an outside influence on my copy, having worked alone in my business for a decade, and knew that I was too close to it all to see it objectively! I wanted a refresh, to step away from the previous ten years and set out my vision for the next ten, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

My initial concerns were how Lily would be able to write in a way that still sounded like me – I knew I would be writing weekly blogs to add to the site, and lots of other things would be written by me, so I needed my website copy to blend with everything else. I didn’t need to worry – Lily’s brief creation process is extensive and she asks things like “what words must I not use”, so she’s able to get the tone right. My website copy sounds like me, on a great words day!

I absolutely loved the brief creation process, it was a great way of distilling my thoughts into one place and being definite about what I wanted, and what I didn’t want. If I had tried to write the copy myself there’s no way I would have given it that much thought before simply diving in and writing, and I know the end result is all the better for the time and effort I spent organising my thoughts for Lily. She’s absolutely right, the more time and effort you put into the brief creation, the better your copy will be. There were really very few feedback items for me, I think because we focused so much on the pre-work, and that was perfect for me. We pretty much got it right first time!

Having experienced Lily’s considered, thoughtful and organised approach to copywriting, I would not hesitate to use her again. In my business and most others there are so many things we could do ourselves, but we end up spreading ourselves too thin and trying to be an expert at everything, which is impossible. Employing a copywriter might cost money but it certainly saves time and creates a better product at the end of it, which helps to make the money back. I loved that Lily spent so much time getting to understand me and my business, before starting on anything. Lily is a considered, thoughtful and results-driven copywriter. I happily recommend her for website copy and would certainly look to use her again on future projects.

Anna Hart, Founder, Anna Hart Exceptional Homes

We are mega happy with the copy Lily delivered.

We found the process seamless and comfortable, it’s a completely new service to us and Lily was clear and concise on how she could help us. We particularly loved the speed at which the service was delivered.

We look forward to using Lily’s services again in the future

Nina Marshall, Head Therapist, The Body Project

Lily worked with Zelter on a couple projects including website copy and blog posts. She asked great questions in the brief and really got to the core of what I wanted to achieve, which meant the copy she produced was perfect for me and my brand.

She’d done a lot of research prior to our briefing call so she knew not just my product, but the market and my competitors as well. She’s very knowledgeable and gave me a lot to think about outside the scope of the projects.

Lily is an awesome copywriter, I’ll be working with her again.

S. Lee Price, Founder, Inventor, Innovator, Zelter Shelter

Lily is a badass copywriter!

It was fantastic working with Lily. She was open to feedback and the process felt very collaborative. Her words really bought my newsletter to life. I was proud to use them.

Lily is a creative, collaborative and professional copywriter.

Isabel Greed, Founder, While I Breath.Yoga

I found the process of working with Lily really rewarding, it was so helpful to have a professional assessment on my website with clear direction. I loved Lily’s advice to set up a welcome email for subscribers. I hadn’t even thought of this and to be honest was a bit intimidated by it.

Having Lily help me through it gave me the confidence to stop procrastinating. I liked how we collaborated, we got much better results and I felt very involved in the process. I didn’t think I had the budget for copywriting services before but now that I’ve worked with Lily I totally understand the value of it!

Charlotte Williams, Founder, Not Too Shabby by Charlotte

Lily is a thorough and creative copywriter. I approached LK Copywriting to help improve my company’s Google ranking and website layout, and I was so glad that I did.  LK Copywriting were so easy to work with and their copy was brilliant, creating genuinely imaginative copy, and enabling me to see my content as my customer might which was really enlightening.

Lily is very switched-on, and immediately grasped what I was trying to achieve and how I might significantly improve my search results.  She was extremely thorough and gave me a comprehensive report in an easy-to-follow format, backed up with instructive videos and links combined with friendly voice calls.

Loved the technical explanations around how websites are searched and ranked.  Also loved the re-writes of my content into a friendly format. Overall, I’m really impressed.  Your creativity shines through in all you do.

Karen Barker, Director, Chester Cycle Tours

Lily quickly grasped what I was looking for, and delivered a great end product.

The process was very straightforward and I felt comfortable to give feedback, even though I didn’t need any amendments.

James Kellet, Founder, Canvas and Coffee

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